My Blog is a place of all sorts of things I like post things that i see that inspire me, event I go to, places I have traveled, people I have met. I hope this part of my website will be a lot more active this year.


I got the pleasure of meeting Gmunk briefly at Semi Permanent a few years ago. He was one of the most down to earth, funny, smart, designers i've met. Back then I was more into print design but in recent year my career has lead me into motion graphics, and since this Gmunk has become a source of inspiration for me, His obvious skills in graphic design shows through in his Simplicity style yet also complicated. I love how he is always exploring new ideas and ways to make things. This video that he was part of putting all the graphics together for is simply AMAZING! The first time I saw it i was gob smacked. Very clever use of technology and simplistic graphic in combination with projects and robots so cool. Check the Video out its a must watch & follow the link: http://work.gmunk.com/BOX-DEMO  to his site to read more about the Process & see more of his other work.
Keep up the Inspiring work Brad ( Gmunk)!!!

Owen CutbushComment