My Blog is a place of all sorts of things I like post things that i see that inspire me, event I go to, places I have traveled, people I have met. I hope this part of my website will be a lot more active this year.


I met Patrick Clair at a portfolio viewing before a Semi Permanent conference in Melbourne during my studies. I first saw his work on Hungry Beast ABC. They were very cleaver short infographics put together to explain world issues in a visual and interesting way. This Video on the Stuxnet Virus and another on Google where the first to catch my eye and spark my interest in motion graphics. Unfortunately when I met him Motion graphics didn't seem to be that big a deal and I was into print design, I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet Patrick again and show him a portfolio with pieces more suited to his field of work. He has continued to improve his skills and work and blow me away every time I see a project he has done. Check out more of his work at: http://www.patrickclair.com

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